Certificate of Authenticity for giclée prints.

Learn how Certificates of Authenticity enhance the value and provenance of limited edition prints. Discover the essential details to include for your artwork.


At Art4site, we understand the importance of ensuring the authenticity and value of your artwork. A Certificate of Authenticity is a crucial document that accompanies your fine art limited edition prints, providing proof of their origin and quality.

We are frequently asked what a Certificate of Authenticity is, why it might be necessary and what information should be included. To answer these queries, we have put together a handy guide explaining the essentials. As ever, if you need further advice, please always feel free to contact us directly.

Certificate of Authenticity with print stamp

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity is an official document that certifies that the artwork is genuine and created by the person declared on the certificate. It includes essential details about the artwork and also directly supports the limited edition giclée print by endorsing their authenticity and enhancing their value and is usually signed by the artist. While certificates can be used for various types of prints, including etchings, screen prints, and more, this context specifically refers to giclée printing, by including the technical specifications of this particular printing method.

Why Do You Need a Certificate of Authenticity?

  • Provenance: Establishes the origin and history of the artwork.
  • Value Assurance: Enhances the perceived value of your art.
  • Professionalism: Demonstrates the quality and authenticity of your prints to buyers and gallerie.s

What is Included on a Certificate of Authenticity?

Why have a Certificate of Authenticity printed professionally?

It is perfectly fine as a self-publishing artist or art publisher to create your own certificate of authenticity. If you choose to do this, it is worth considering a design that it aligns with your aesthetic and is professionally printed. This will ensure a result that truly reflects the value and care that you have put into your artwork.

At Art4site, we provide a comprehensive service that includes professionally designing and producing Certificates of Authenticity in-house when you order limited edition giclée prints. Not only does this ensure that your certificate will include everything that is needed, but has the added benefit of bearing our credentials as a Hahnemühle Platinum Certified Studio and a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Professionally printed certificates by Art4site.

At Art4site, we are dedicated to ensuring the authenticity and value of your fine art prints. We offer Certificates of Authenticity that provide a secure and recognised method to validate the specifics of each artwork and edition. Our certificates are designed with precision and care, reflecting the high standards we uphold in our giclée printing services.

We offer two types of certificates:

Certificate of Authenticity example

Hahnemühle Hologram System

We provide official Hahnemühle Certificates of Authenticity with their advanced hologram system, adding a robust layer of security to your artwork, making copying nearly impossible. Each certificate is crafted from premium deckle-edged, mould-made paper featuring a Hahnemühle watermark and fluorescent security fibres. A serialised, numbered hologram is added to the certificate, which cannot be removed without damage. A matching hologram is applied to the reverse side of the artwork. This combination ensures that each Certificate of Authenticity is uniquely tied to one specific piece of art.

Standard Certificates

We also offer standard certificates printed on an uncoated, 160gsm paper with an extra tactile surface and a natural white shade that brings a quality touch, giving a natural paper feel. While these do not use the hologram system, they are an institutionally accepted and recognised method to establish and authenticate the specific details of an artwork and edition. Providing an official document that outlines these details is the standard to verify any artwork and limited edition.

Certificate prices:-

Type:Cost each:
Hahnemühle Hologram£ 4.60 +VAT
Standard£ 1.60 +VAT

Fine Art Trade Guild Membership.

Fine Art Trade Guild
As proud members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, we adhere to the highest standards in the industry. If your edition follows these standards, we can include the Fine Art Trade Guild's details as part of your certificate. This endorsement further enhances the credibility and value of your artwork, assuring buyers of its authenticity and quality.

By choosing Art4site, you ensure that your artwork is authenticated with the utmost integrity, reflecting our commitment to excellence in fine art printing.

Art4site's Commitment.

At Art4site, we provide high-quality printing services that guarantee the best reproduction of your artwork. Our beautifully designed certificates of authenticity are designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring your art maintains its value and authenticity.
Hahnemühle hologram system - Certificate of Authenticity
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