Giclee printing for artists and art publishers.

Award winning & certified giclee printing, by fine art trained technicians. Hahnemühle Platinum Certified Studio focusing on painting, illustration, drawing, photography and digitally created art.

Fine art printing

Certified Studio for digital fine art printing

Find our more about our certified & award winning giclée printing by ordering a sample pack:–

Grand Hotel A Villa Feltrinelli, Drawing Room, Lake Garda, Italy by Jeremiah Goodman. Giclee printing by Art4site Ltd.
Grand Hotel A Villa Feltrinelli, Drawing Room, Lake Garda, Italy by Jeremiah Goodman.

Giclée Printing Excellence: Hahnemühle Platinum Studio Certification

At Art4site, we're proud to elevate the art of giclée printing to new heights as a Hahnemühle Platinum Certified Studio. This prestigious certification is a testament to our dedication to producing the finest quality giclée prints. Achieving this status is not just an honor; it's a recognition of our expertise and commitment to excellence in the world of fine art reproduction.

Why Our Platinum Studio Certification Matters for Your Giclée Prints

Being a Hahnemühle Platinum Certified Studio places Art4site in an elite category of fine art printing studios. This certification ensures that every giclée print we produce meets the highest standards of quality and longevity. It's a guarantee that we use only the best materials and processes in our giclée printing services. Our clients can be confident that their artworks will be reproduced with exceptional colour accuracy, detail, and archival quality.

Giclée Printing with Advanced Expertise and Premium Materials

Our journey to becoming a Platinum Certified Studio involved rigorous evaluation and training, ensuring our team's proficiency in the latest giclée printing techniques and technologies. We specialize in using museum-grade digital fine art paper and lightfast inks, essential for creating giclée prints that not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

Benefits of our giclee printing services


Client involvement.

Our aim is to fully involve you in the giclee printing process. Also, we do not use automated software or shopping carts. This means each print is setup by a trained and qualified fine art technician. Thus, we get the best out of your work.

Editing included.

There are no setup costs for supplied images and also when using our own scanning. Moreover, we can resize, crop, make tonal corrections. Also we offer basic retouching to prepare for a print ready format. Furthermore, this is included in all our giclée printing services. This is because we strive for the best service as standard, not as an added extra.

Image checking.

Each image is checked to ensure the results are of a high standard. If you are sending us digital files for printing, we also include in our process this free image check. Also we always review the resolution, sharpness as well as tone. In addition we can advise you on image suitability to ensure the best results. We make changes where necessary, with your help.

Quality control.

Each giclee print is quality checked before despatch. Then they are wrapped securely for postage in acid-free tissue paper and at all times handled by cotton gloves. We adhere to a highly professional workflow.

Finest quality print.

Our printers, inks and paper offer the best giclee printing technology currently available. In particular, we use the latest Epson SureColor large format printers. These use ten colour, wide gamut UltraChrome HDX lightfast pigment inks. Also this is combined with museum grade digital fine art papers by Hahnemühle. Also we print at up to 2880 dpi for the sharpest possible results with the richest colours.

Archival to museum standards.

Our wide choice of acid-free papers and lightfast pigment inks ensure that all our giclee printing is fine art gallery quality.

Print on demand.

There's no need to produce a large number of copies. Therefore we offer a print on demand service. Prints can be delivered to your door, collected, or sent to your customers.

The Hahnemühle Digital Fine Art Collection

We currently stock what we feel is the finest paper available for giclee printing. This is due to the archival qualities, print fidelity and variety of papers available in the Hahnemühle collection. Also, the following papers offer a comprehensive choice:–

William Turner, 310 gsm

This paper is simply exceptional for watercolours, drawings and other work and is our most popular choice. Also it has a beautiful textured surface and is a Natural white, with 100% rag content. With a mean pH value of 7, it has excellent archival qualities.


Photo Rag ®, 308 gsm

A whiter, smoother surface lends particularly well to digital art and drawing and has a 100% rag content. We have also found that oils or acrylic work reproduces brilliantly on this paper if the original painting is on board or canvas.


German Etching ®, 310 gsm

Similar in tone to William Turner, it has a slightly smoother surface, is equally acid free and also mould made. As well as very suitable for a variety of print editions including fine detailed work, graphite drawings and pastels.

Museum Etching, 350 gsm

This paper offers the luxurious texture of a traditional etching board and a natural white point. Also an ideal medium for images with soft tints or fine grey nuances as well as more saturated reproduction prints. The extra heavy grammage also increases its appeal.


Bamboo, 290 gsm

The world’s first digital fine art inkjet paper made from bamboo fibres. Bamboo represents spirituality, naturalness and resource-saving paper production. Particularly suitable for botanical paintings and monochrome artworks. Bamboo really highlights the sensuality of images.


Photo Rag ® Pearl, 308 gsm

A pure cotton paper optimised for fine art printing. This paper has a subtle sheen, contains no optical brighteners and is characterised by its warm shade of white. The even surface structure gives images a stunning sense of depth, with deep blacks and exceptional reproduction of colour.

Example Artwork

Dreamland by Andy Tuohy

Dreamland (detail)
by Andy Tuohy

Printed resolution ensures edges are crisp. Also blacks are deep and colours flat to best represent this illustration.

Hoopoe Grey by Petra Börner
Hoopoe Grey (detail)
by Petra Börner

Image supplied by the client whose original made with cut in layers of paper now made available as a print.

Abies spectabilis by Pearl Bostock
Abies spectabilis (detail)
by Pearl Bostock

When printing botanical artwork extra care has to be taken to preserve highlight detail. Also colours must be exact.

Google 5 star reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Wookie Wells
Wookie Wells
10 March 2024
Very impressed with the service. The company was responsive to emails. Scans are excellent. Returned my artwork very promptly and used my preferred postal service when requested. ten out of ten!
6 March 2024
Excellent company top quality prints couldn't be any happier . Outstanding customer service
Andrea Merciar
Andrea Merciar
16 February 2024
Michael and his team of expert printers did a great job for me, just recently, and also some years ago when I had my prints on display at the Guildhall Art Gallery in the City of London. Those images were of the Lord Mayor's Coach and the colours were perfect, the gold was gold, and the print surface was lush and painterly. When I wanted some artworks printed recently, Michael was the first person I asked as I knew he would do a fantastic job. His team checked with me at every stage to make sure I was satisfied with the print process and quality. Thank you for a wonderful service.
23 January 2024
Excellent service, will definitely use again. The quality of the copy was amazing. Very helpful friendly staff and plenty of parking too. A bit out of the way but worth travelling to. Close to train station if needed.
Sally Barton
Sally Barton
19 January 2024
I've used Art4Site for over four years and know I can always rely on really high standards in both their fine art scanning and giclee printing. As a watercolour artist and illustrator, I've found other studios disappointing in terms of their repro quality - often losing the subtlety of the medium. Giclee prints produced by Art4Site however are of such a standard that they can be indistinguishable from the original watercolour, accurately replicating nuances of colour & tone; this has enabled me to find a market for my work as signed giclee prints of the highest quality. Attached image: scan of 'Whitstable Beach', watercolour
David Cutting
David Cutting
19 January 2024
Art4site have scanned my paintings beautifully and done a batch with great efficiency and professionalism. This is the second time I have used their services and I can thoroughly recommend them.
Max Angus
Max Angus
12 January 2024
Art4site studio and the tech team have won awards as they have the most advanced scanning and printing equipment. Once a customer, they look after you and your images. They archive your scans for future use. This allows you as an artist to stay in the studio and not have to be that tech savvy. The team that work at Art4site are artist technicians.There's no factory they send the work off to. There's no call centre. Everyone within the studio wants to produce the best quality limited edition artwork possible. They professionally guide you through the process, and understand about costings and different art papers. This is a studio that deserves the awards and recognition for producing the highest quality Giclee prints available.
janice frankland
janice frankland
11 January 2024
I have used art4site a few times to scan my lino prints and transform them into cards and I am always blown away by the final results. The quality of the prints and colour acuracy is amazing! Great products, great communication and service with a team of very helpful and friendly staff. Can't wait until my next order.
Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings
10 January 2024
I found Art4site ,very friendly and hopeful ,being my first time with a printing company. Answered any questions and more very quick to reply to emails and such I was received in a professional manor.look forward to working with them for my art .
Christine Ratcliffe
Christine Ratcliffe
5 January 2024
Professional and helpful service. Extremely pleased with both Christmas cards and prints of my painting. Highly recommended.

Giclee Printing Prices

  • All prices exclude delivery and VAT where applicable
  • Please note that the prices refers to the overall trimmed paper size including borders
  • Customers can include multiple designs of the same size print to achieve a better unit cost
  • Printed proofs are charged at the same rate as final prints
The following prices indicate costs per each print (with quantity discounts shown) for standard ISO ‘A’ – sheet sizes up to A2.
'A' Size:A5A4A3A3+A2
1 print:£4.50£8£14.50£17.50£25
5-9 prints (10% off):£4.05£7.20£13.05£15.75£22.50
10-19 prints (20% off):£3.60£6.40£11.60£14£20
20-39 prints (30% off):£3.15£5.60£10.15£12.25£17.50
40+ prints (40% off):£2.70£4.80£8.70£10.50£15
For roll fed material (when printing non-standard 'A' print sizes or larger prints) the following prices are per each centimetre length of roll used for printing.
Roll Size:43.2 cm (17”)61cm (24”)91.4 cm (36”)112 cm (44”)
1 print:43p59p80p91p
5 - 9 prints (10% off):39p53p72p82p
10 - 19 prints (20% off):34p47p64p73p
20 - 39 prints (30% off):30p41p56p64p
40+ prints (40% off):26p35p48p55p

Understanding Limited and open edition prints

  • We recommend practical guidelines advised by The Fine Art Trade Guild as well as informed industry standards for the production of limited edition prints
  • The edition does not need to be printed up-front and giclée printing has the unique flexibility for 'print-on-demand'
  • We store the 'matrices' for our customers with exact repeatability for edition prints
  • Reprints are despatched within 2 working days for quick re-supply to our customers

Limited Edition Prints

In the realm of giclée printing, limited edition prints hold a special place. They are not merely reproductions; they can be original digital creations or traditional artworks translated into digital format for printing. Once this set number is sold, the image is retired, often increasing the value and desirability of these prints. Artists can command higher prices for limited editions and use the scarcity to generate interest. At Art4site, we can produce these prints as needed and provide Certificates of Authenticity, detailing the title, edition size, and other pertinent information. You can opt for different sizes within the declared edition, but these details must be set before selling begins to ensure consistency and credibility. Remember, the limitation applies to the image itself, so all other variations, including artist proofs or special editions, should be declared up-front.

Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints offer the flexibility of unlimited reproductions, making them a versatile choice for artists seeking broader distribution without the confines of a limited series. These prints are perfect for artworks where accessibility and affordability are key, allowing continuous production and sale. Open editions are particularly suited for a wide range of giclée printing applications, from digital art to fine art reproductions. 

Practical aspects

Regardless of the edition type, Art4site is committed to delivering exceptional quality in every print. We offer the same dedication to quality whichever type of print, providing vibrant, lasting prints for any purpose. If you have questions about setting up limited or open edition giclée prints, or need guidance on any aspect of the process, our team is here to help.

Certificates of Authenticity

  • All prices exclude delivery and VAT where applicable
  • Unique selling point for limited edition prints
If you are making limited edition prints, many publishers / artists supply to their customers with a certificate of authenticity. Therefore, should you require us to print these for you on your behalf, we can do so. Please provide us with the edition details including title, release date, edition size as well as publisher details.

We can give you general advice about open and limited edition prints. Also, our knowledge of the industry code of ethics and professional practice is extensive. We are well versed in limited edition prints, regarding the numbering and signing of prints.

Certificate prices:-

Size:Cost each:
A£ 1.60 +VAT

Archival Boards / Print Bags

  • All prices exclude delivery and VAT where applicable
  • Simple and elegant solution to display your prints for sale
Many of our artist / publisher clients supply prints for point of display or general protection, with an archival backing board and premium clear print bag. We currently hold stock of ISO’A’ sizes. These are particularly effective for print browsers or simply just for the presentation and protection of your prints. Furthermore, it offers a cost effective solution for selling prints unmounted / unframed. The buyers of the prints can then choose their own framing which can be a very personal decision. An artist print information sheet or certificate can be inserted with the prints.

Archival boards / Print bags costs:-

'A' Size:A4A3A3+A2A1
1 set:80p£1.50£1.70£2.50£4.50
5 - 9 sets (10% off):72p£1.35£1.53£2.25£4.05
10 - 19 sets (20% off):64p£1.20£1.36£2£3.60
20 - 39 sets (30% off):56p£1.05£1.19£1.75£3.15
40+ sets (40% off):48p90p£1.02£1.50£2.70
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